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SAWAKE Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids(Set of 5)

SAWAKE Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids(Set of 5)

  • 【Wide range of requirements】The SAWAKE storage container set contains 1 x 1.9 L, 1 x 1.2 L, 2 x 0.8 L, 1 x 0.5 L, a total of five storage containers. This storage jar set not only has large capacity, but also can meet the requirements of a variety of food storage such as cereal, cornflakes, pastries, sugar, spaghetti, tea, beans, oatmeal etc. Full.

  • Airtight storage: After attaching the lid and attaching the pull ring, it can be easily sealed, keeping the food dry and insulating the outside air and water vapour. The storage container is very suitable for storing dry food. The storage jar is sealed, but do not reverse after filling with water. The lid may fall off due to the water weight.

  • Hygienic & safe: the container has passed strict FDA and LFGB certifications in terms of food safety. Without harmful substances such as BPA, SAWAKE storage containers set are absolutely safe and non-toxic. The lid can be completely disassembled and is very easy to clean. The maximum temperature the storage container can withstand is 70°C. It is therefore not recommended to wash in the dishwasher. Use only a normal detergent.

  • 【Save Space】The square, stackable design is very space-saving. On the top of the lid there is a groove for stable stacking, thus keeping the kitchen and the living room clean and tidy. But please do not stack too high, otherwise it can lie upside down. (As the box is made of plastic and crashes during transport, please contact our customer service)

  • Useful promotional gift: SAWAKE comes with two black stickers, a pen and a measuring spoon. The black sticker can be removed and glued repeatedly without leaving any traces. An accurate scale of the measuring spoon can be helpful when cooking food.

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  • ♙Air-tight Storage container set of 5----The Container set with 4 capacities can meet different storage needs: 1Tall container (66.8oz /1.9 liters), 1 Medium container (42.2oz / 1.2 L), 2 small containers (28oz /0.8 liters), 1 Mini container(17.6oz / 0.5 L). In addition, for easy to distinguish ingredients, the set comes with 1 pen, 10 black stickers reusable and 1 measuring spoon with an accurate scale.
  • ♙Perfect Kitchen & Pantry Storage Solution----As stackable and modular square food storage containers, able to maximum saving space and stacking stably in refrigerators, cabinets or other places. Allows you to better organize and store that the kitchen or pantry looks neat and tidy.
  • ♙Multifunction----Not only can store dry food, such as beans, grain, flour, sugar, rice, tea, pasta, etc, but it is also suitable for storing liquids, such as water, fruit juices, etc. Do not turn the container upside down after filling with water. Otherwise, the cover may fall off due to the weight of the water.
  • ♙Airtight Lids Design----The clear cereal dispenser with Airtight lids, use lockable design: Once the ring on the lid is pushed down, the silicone seal inside will expand to seal the jar by creating complete airtightness. Prevent the food from moisture, ensures maximum freshness and longer storage time. And the cover can be completely disassembled, easy to clean.
  • ♙Safe and High-Quality Material----The Premium Food-Storage Canistersis are made of BPA-free plastic and as well as long-term use tests. Non-toxic and tasteless, it is safer to store food. The clear container also allows you to easily sort and store food.
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